Second Game (Almost)

Not enough people to really play.

In this game the players started off at the Ox Haunch, having just defeated Szartharrax. Cortez and Ward walked around the city until they met a young drow warlock, Kale (played by Race), who now travels with the party. They decided to venture back to the ruins to talk more to Tycho La Forge and get the ruby that the gargoyle was holding. Along the way, bandits ambushed them, but were taken down. They each dropped a nickle sized silver coin bearing a grain of wheat on one side and a hand on the other. They found Tycho and Cortez attempted to tie him up to no avail. They were interrupted at that moment by the sound of battle coming from the opening of the dungeon. When they got there only a drow named Drisdhaun stood there quietly. He explained he heard his friend Tycho was imprisoned and came to help him. After giving each of them 10g to leave the ruins, the players told Drisdhaun they were going into the depths of the ruins (For the ruby, though they wouldn’t tell him). They found it, and heard deep rumblings in Draconian coming from the ruby. It no longer burned their hands to touch and eventually was put in Cortez’s backpack. The party tried to sprint from that room all the way out of the ruins, but when they got back in the room with Drisdhaun something happened and they all were blasted against the walls. They woke up the next morning in the Ox Haunch to Druuk knocking on their doors asking about the man who brought them up the stairs last night to the rooms. After hearing an old man who lives in the wilderness northeast of Greenshire can speak Draconian, the players dismissed.



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