First game

Meeting and fighting!


Today the party came in to a town called Greenshire, from the northeast, a land called Lycee, in a smuggler’s cart covered in furs. Lycee is at war with the country the party is in now, Sandokia. They searched the town and found the Ox Haunch Inn, where they are currently staying. They also found a Hunter’s Guild, a Theatre, another Inn, a Pelor Temple, and other places around the city. A wanted poster for goblins was posted in the Hunter’s Guild and the players responded. They walked southeast through the wilderness to old ruins with stone replacing portions of the older walls. Following these ruins led the players through a prison, a sacrificing chamber, and down to a young white dragon, Szartharrax. They slaid the dragon and found a large red ruby, which they later took out of the ruins. !LEVEL UP!



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